My name is Kelly Sherman-Conroy and I am a beautiful mosaic of lived-experience and culture.


    Hi, I Am Kelly.

    My Lakota name is

    Mato Waste Winyan (Good Bear Woman)

    I am a proud member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe

    Currently based in 📍Minnesota, USA. I am a Native American Theologian who walks with people of all cultures. I dedicate my time exploring with people around the world with the intersections of identity, personal narratives, faith, and healing through an Indigenous lens.


    I'm an adventurer who honors my Indigenous ancestors by inspiring people to make a difference. Intrigued by theology, traveling, photography, music, advocacy, writing, art, armchair philosophy, fabulous food, and even better conversations (enjoying the beauty of learning and speaking diverse languages).


    Seeking to be inspired, to envision the unlikely, to work hard for things that are worth it, and to be surrounded by those who bring out the best in me.

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    Nurture Community. Inspire Healing.
    I embrace the beauty of living in harmony and
    taking care of those around me by nurturing the body of mind and spirit and giving support in life's journeys.
    My Lakota people have a saying, “Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ el changleska wiconi:” "We are all related in this circle of life."

    I want to create Spirit-inspired relationships, that are inclusive and accountable to all, dynamic, and that literally breathes Spirit into our healing.


    Every day I wake up in search of courage and authentic expression. And on this Native theological journey, I've been met with opportunities to create an impact in ways I'd never imagine. I carry the knowledge of my ancestors with me as I teach through an Indigenous lens about healing and inclusivity in the eyes of our Creator.



    I have been given the space to grow as a storyteller and to see myself more as an artist than just a Native theologian. With every word spoken, every picture taken, every song sung, every word written, I become more of who I was meant to be. Through storytelling, I want to show the world in a new view and open hearts and minds to the beauty of creation we are surrounded by. We are storytellers, historians. It is important to keep the story alive. Do not forget to listen and you will begin to see the world through a new and exciting lens.



    Helping people find healing within themselves and within the community is a lot of what I do. If we learn to listen courageously with our heart, our mind, our ears, and our soul, we can allow the healing process to begin. God shows us ways to heal by sharing with us the gift of Woksape (understanding & wisdom) if we stop to listen.











    My Great Great Grandfather Standing Bear


    My Native American heritage is rich in community and family bonds. My ancestors, my family, strived to ensure I could thrive in a better world.


    The elders in my family made sure that I knew the stories of my ancestors, that I understood how they are deeply connected to me today. They are defining characteristics of my life, my community, my culture. Through the generations my family has carried on the traditions of storytelling, healing, and leadership—my grandparents and elders were healers, they were change-makers, my mother a Pastor and healer, my father a gifted financier, my eldest brother an international Indigenous Chef, my younger siblings are entrepreneurs, homemakers, and leaders in their communities. My family is my strength, they are what sustains me and helps me envision a better world. I carry them with me always. They are a part of my story.


  • How I Speak- Wóyaka

    Native American culture is known for our rich oral tradition - instead of using a written language to document our history, we rely upon our verbal language to share our history, customs, rituals, healing, and legends through vivid narratives. When a story is told, it breathes life, brings meaning, teaches life lessons, and creates a symbolic connection to all listening.



    Areas of Wisdom - Wokšapé

    Kelly speaks on topics of Faith, Spirituality and Theology, Justice, Trauma and Healing, Cultural Awareness, Healing Practice.

    Sermons & Presentations -


    Kelly works with each context to respect that the mission and vision of the requestor are being met. If the request is a keynote presentation, class, sermon, small group facilitation, workshop or panel, Kelly will utilize her wisdom to create an experience that brings about an inclusive, thought-provoking time that incorporates a sacred way of discernment that can help attendees reflect into one's own life.

    Writing - Wówapi

    Kelly's writing captures her lived experience as a Native American which enables her to reach others through her writing with humor, warmth, transparency, and strength. Kelly will create writing that offers the reader an opportunity for deep reflection and inspiration for change.

    Healing - Owašté

    Kelly is honored to share the lessons and wisdom of healing practices that have been carried down to her through generations of ancestors and God our Creator. Together we will create a healing space that may not eliminate the difficult moments, but change how we approach them.


    Be the Change. Inspire Healing.

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